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Form and Payment


    Credit Card


    Payments by check authorize InXpress to make a one-time electronic debit from your checking account or to process the check through your bank.


    Note: Please review all paperwork such as Bills of Lading (BOL), Airway Bills (AWB) or Commercial Invoices for accuracy. We provide document preparation as a courtesy and cannot be held responsible for errors. Thank you for your business.

    The Company authorizes the opening of an account with InXpress and the investigation of references provided. The Company understands that it is ordering services from InXpress as a third-party, bill-to provider and not a transport services company, that InXpress is not a carrier or that InXpress represents any specific carrier, and that the Company will receive discounted billing from InXpress for services provided from one or more carriers. The Company acknowledges that they have read and will abide by, and be subject to, the Terms and Conditions of InXpress, which are available on our website at, and of each carrier used, which are available on their websites and/or way-bills or bills of lading.

    The Company understands that any service failures, late freight deliveries or damage claims are handled directly by the carrier. Payment terms to InXpress will not be extended due to pending claim(s). InXpress will not be responsible for goods or materials damaged during shipment.

    The Company agrees to payment terms of Net 14-days FROM DATE OF INVOICE except for invoices for Duties and Taxes which are due upon receipt. If the invoice isn’t paid on time, discounts may be reduced, or a late fee of 15% may apply. Also, carrier services may be curtailed until the account is brought current. All costs of collection, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees if incurred, will also be the responsibility of the Company. Duties and taxes may be invoiced up to 6 months after shipment. The invoice delivery method is via e-mail.